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Focus Austin on the West Side - "The Best Side"

Chicago Civic Media is active at local and citywide levels. Our citywide work, in the context of the Chicago Tribune's New Plan of Chicago, has centered this year on the question of what roles media will play in shaping Chicago's future. will be highlighted in a forthcoming post. Locally, we're working in Austin, Chicago's largest neighborhood, with a 2010 population of 98,512. Austin today is a community in flux. Since the 1960's it's been on the receiving end of some of Chicago's most short-sighted and even negligent planning decisions: decisions relating to schools, economic development, law enforcement and (it must be said) racial segregation. The demographic chart below, taken from the U. S. Decennial census, illustrates the outcomes of this poor planning. In the ten years from 2000 to 2010, Austin lost an amazing 16.2% of its residents:
Don't get me wrong: Austin remains a community full of resources But its robbery and homicide rates have long be…

Tale of Two Countries