Cheezborger, Cheezborger I: Join us May 12 at our ON THE TABLE at Billy Goat's, 420 N. Michigan Ave., lower level, 5 to 9pm
On the VIP Table in the rear of Billy Goat's, that is
From 5pm to 9pm: that's four full hours. Come and go at any time. Expect to meet from 3 to maybe 10 people when you arrive. Young people, media people, education people, and the Thinking Man's Rapper, DA Smart:

Diagnosing the Problem: "Walk With Me": 
Your Tour Guide to Chicago Gangs is Rapper DA Smart
This Feb 18 Sun-Times story announced the event. And it's a good one from the Chicago Community Trust (CCM). Quite creative. On Monday May 12, an anticipated 10,000 Chicagoans will be convened by hundreds of volunteer hosts (like me) in order to 
At its website, CCT has created nifty online pages for each host. Here's ours.

If you can join us, and so we can hit the ground running, feel free to state your ideas and/or add links in the Comments window at this page. (We are table 18 but at Billy Goat's ask for the VIP table).

Since CCM is all about young people and media, we're hoping this question will guide our discussion, at least at some points:
How can dynamic uses of PRINT and ELECTRONIC media in Chicago empower CHICAGOANS OF ALL AGES to address YOUTH VIOLENCE as no American city has ever done before?
Event Details:
  • Young people are welcome at Billy Goat's tables but not Billy Goat's bar.
  • We'll be holding forth from 5pm to 9pm. 
  • Kindly let me know what you plan to arrive and if you'd like to bring a guest.
  • Space is somewhat limited. Email Steve Sewall at if you can attend 
Here's how CCM has given students a voice in media since 1989:

A few of many, many links:


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