Cheezborger, Cheezborger II: Ideas for our May 12 On The Table event at Billy Goat's, 420 Michigan Avenue, 5 to 9 pm.

For details of the event, which runs from 5pm to 9pm, see our May 6 post, below. We'll be looking for answers to this question:
How can dynamic uses of PRINT and ELECTRONIC media in Chicago empower CHICAGOANS OF ALL AGES to address YOUTH VIOLENCE as no American city has ever done before?
These young men know the score. Given the chance, they will help Chicago address (and solve) youth violence as no American city has ever done before:

Members of the 50-strong Delivery Team for THE AUSTIN VOICE NEWSPAPERS serving Austin, Lawndale and Garfield Park

 On Monday we'll discuss the four ideas below.
For a printable version with two informative links, click here (in color) or here (black).

For Discussion Monday. Got ideas? 
Write a comment below or  email me (Steve) at


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