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May 12 Chicago Community Trust "On The Table" Event Post Mortem

This update comes two days after the May 12 events. Wanted to wait until news coverage of this event had rolled in. Here's what I've found so far - please send links if you've seen something worthwhile that escaped my attention.   
From the Chicago Community Trust: CCT President and CEO Terry Mazany gives this recap: "On May 12, 2014, more than 11,500 people—representing every Chicago neighborhood, every residential zip code in the city, and 11 counties in the metropolitan area—gathered to share their vision on how to make our community stronger, safer and more dynamic."CCT "Share Your Ideas" Page (add YOURS here!)CCT "impact page" of Media links (prior to event) CCT On The Table Hub From the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune:
From the Chicago TribuneFrom the Sun-Times websiteFrom Sun-Times CSTtv site (10-minute video of "intimate lunch" of Sun-Times editors, columnists, reporters): Same video on YouTube, with viewer count and spa…

Cheezborger, Cheezborger II: Ideas for our May 12 On The Table event at Billy Goat's, 420 Michigan Avenue, 5 to 9 pm.

For details of the event, which runs from 5pm to 9pm, see our May 6 post, below. We'll be looking for answers to this question:
How can dynamic uses of PRINT and ELECTRONIC media in Chicago empower CHICAGOANS OF ALL AGES to address YOUTH VIOLENCE as no American city has ever done before? These young men know the score. Given the chance, they will help Chicago address (and solve) youth violence as no American city has ever done before:

 On Monday we'll discuss the four ideas below.
For a printable version with two informative links, click here (in color) or here (black).

Cheezborger, Cheezborger I: Join us May 12 at our ON THE TABLE at Billy Goat's, 420 N. Michigan Ave., lower level, 5 to 9pm

From 5pm to 9pm: that's four full hours. Come and go at any time. Expect to meet from 3 to maybe 10 people when you arrive. Young people, media people, education people, and the Thinking Man's Rapper, DA Smart:

Diagnosing the Problem: "Walk With Me": 
Your Tour Guide to Chicago Gangs is Rapper DA Smart Link to Part II

This Feb 18 Sun-Times story announced the event. And it's a good one from the Chicago Community Trust (CCM). Quite creative. On Monday May 12, an anticipated 10,000 Chicagoans will be convened by hundreds of volunteer hosts (like me) in order to 
At its website, CCT has created nifty online pages for each host. Here's ours.

If you can join us, and so we can hit the ground running, feel free to state your ideas and/or add links in the Comments window at this page. (We are table 18 but at Billy Goat's ask for the VIP table).

Since CCM is all about young people and media, we're hoping this question will guide our discussion, at least at som…

A State of Mistrust: Civic Discourse in Chicago

Here it is, folks, the whole sorry (yet nonetheless somewhat promising) picture. Below is a mini-version of the full mind-bending graphic: