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May 12 Chicago Community Trust "On The Table" Event Post Mortem

This update comes two days after the May 12 events. Wanted to wait until news coverage of this event had rolled in. Here's what I've found so far - please send links if you've seen something worthwhile that escaped my attention.   

From the Chicago Community Trust:
  • CCT President and CEO Terry Mazany gives this recap: "On May 12, 2014, more than 11,500 people—representing every Chicago neighborhood, every residential zip code in the city, and 11 counties in the metropolitan area—gathered to share their vision on how to make our community stronger, safer and more dynamic."
  • CCT "Share Your Ideas" Page (add YOURS here!)
  • CCT "impact page" of Media links (prior to event)
  • CCT On The Table Hub
From the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune:
    From other media and sources:
    And last but not least, from our Chicago Civic Media's event at Billy Goat's: 
    • One participant described the nine guests as coming "from two or three worlds - way beyond diverse". There was a mix gang ties, advanced degrees, prison records, and non-profit affiliations. One Chicago resident, a retired attorney and lifelong Chicago resident, said afterwards he heard things he'd never heard before. 
    • Recommended policy suggestions were passed on to the Chicago Community Trust. They ranged from shaming gun manufacturers to cross-community walks, more after school programs and programs to strengthen good parenting. One participant suggested educating residents in the history of their communities. 
    • The evening's declared theme was How can dynamic uses of PRINT and ELECTRONIC media in Chicago empower CHICAGOANS OF ALL AGES to address YOUTH VIOLENCE as no American city has ever done before?  Of the four media ideas explained on this handout and identified under question #1 on this handout, two got the most support: Contests and Awards and a Chicago Youth Summit.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Here's the article I wrote after attending one of the OnTheTable2014 events.


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